Fin Tech Startup Apps for Young Investors

The field of finance is now on its next chapter and this is being ushered via mobile applications that enable easy investments. You can get insight on these by fin tech's investment applications. Below are some of the world's promising investment oriented fin tech startups, which are exclusively mobile-based. Here's a good read about  how many fintech startups are there , check it out!

One of the applications is a personal banking and investment advising applications which is designed in an easy access interface. This app can keep track of your income, savings, investments, and based on these, it can create a budget and recommend custom spending. With this app you need not worry checking your account statements or checking pending bills. You can also always keep your credit score up and consistent by finding ways to do it. This financial manager is a one touch application that automates your expenses to your income so that you can reach your financial goals in a reasonable time. To gather more awesome ideas on  how fintech is disrupting banking , click here to  get started. 
Another app brings the investment threshold to something as small as $5 and creates a different niche for potential investors. This app is a beginning level investment platform promoting a lot of different investment opportunities from which you can choose according to your goals and preferences. These investment options are managed through intense technical and market performance results. When you start investing via this app, you will be provided with custom recommendations and investment opportunities to make you get better returns.

Thirdly, there is the learn and invest app which are two different apps. The aim of these apps is clear in their names. In learn you will get access to important lessons on investing which are posted in layman's language and it can easily be understood by anyone who reads it. It will promote understanding of investing needs and bring in confidence into you while investing. It is always updated and enriched. It gives access to video, text, and audio lessons on investing. The invest app on the other hand is a stock market interface app that helps in creating and managing an investment portfolio.

The next app is one that automates your savings and takes care of your change. It is a start up about micro investing. Micro investing is not related to startups but to small amounts of money being invested. To use the app you have to connect all your accounts and cards to this app. And, whenever you make a purchase via your accounts, the spare change that you get in your spending is invested.